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The key points of the EU DYNAMICUS JM Chair project European Union – Economic Development, Young Europeans and Innovations in Crisis Overcoming and Union’s Sustainability are:

The EU DYNAMICUS  is rooted in the background of the key economic and social processes related to the European integration. It focuses consequently on the future of the young Europeans, and their role in the newly constructed social Europe. The crisis and the current post-crisis reality have reversed this situation drastically, creating political and economic instability being an experience of millions of Europeans, especially young Europeans.

The aim of the EU DYNAMICUS  is to engage university students, secondary school pupils and wider, non-academic audience (participating the seminars offered, but also in open seminars and lectures as well as reading materials prepared during the project) in joint analysis of the changing nature of labour market, social Europe, EU economic development as a part of the European integration process.

The main activities of the EU DYNAMICUS  will include: